1.[Consumer Groups] How can I view my consumer groups?

After purchasing Preferred Product to become PS, you’re able to own and develop your consumer groups.

A: Open MeMall and log in or sign up;

B: Click to enter [Account] page, swipe to find [My Consumer Groups], you can see the headcount of your consumer groups and total number of current orders made by them;

C: Click on [My Consumer Groups] to view the constitution of consumer groups.

2.[Earnings] How can I check my earnings?

You’re able to gain earnings if you’re PS; If you’re a guest, you can buy product or Preferred Product to qualify for making earnings.

A: Open MeMall and log in or sign up;

B: Click to enter [Account] page, you’ll see [My Earnings].

C: Click on [My Earnings] to view your accumulated earnings and usable points.

3.[Withdrawal] How can I withdraw my earnings? How soon will the withdrawal arrive?

If you have earned 10 points or more, you’re able to request a withdrawal.

A: Open MeMall and log in or sign up;

B: Click to enter [Account] page, you’ll see [My Earnings]. Click on [Earning Balance] and then click on [Withdrawal];

C: Enter [Withdrawal] page and fill out your receiving bank account and other relevant info. Then, click [Confirm to withdraw] after double checking.

Please note: Withdrawal request submitted before every Tuesday will be processed by Sunday, while withdrawal request submitted after Tuesday will be processed on the next Tuesday. The withdrawal will arrive within 2-3 business days after submission.

4.[Orders] How to confirm receipt? What if the consumer doesn’t click to confirm receipt?

A: Open MeMall to log in or sign up;

B: Tap to enter [Account] page, click [My Orders] – [To Receive], and find the corresponding order, then tap to confirm receipt of the item(s).

C: Note: If you do not confirm receipt, the system will automatically confirm receipt within 15 days after clicking on shipping.

5.[Level] After becoming a PS, could I possibly be downgraded to Shopper then?

As long as you meet the qualifications to become a PS, you will not be downgraded to Shopper.

6.[Invitation Code] How to invite others? How to qualify for invitation?

All MeMall users can invite others. However, please note that you can build and develop your own consumer groups and gain earnings from consumer groups only after purchasing Preferred Products to become PS.